Cargo Insurance, Freight Forwarders Insurance & Transit Insurance

Sending Goods overseas? then we can probably insure it.


Do I Need Cargo Insurance?

If you’re transporting goods (your own or customers) abroad, you probably do. This can range from a business importing or exporting any type of goods or individuals transporting their personal belongings overseas.

The pitfalls of having no cargo insurance.

It’s unlikely that your carrier will have any insurance in place to automatically cover the cost of any of your goods or property in the event of damage or loss, their trading conditions normally limit their financial liability to as low as £1,300 per ton. Cargo insurance will cover your shipment up to its full value. You could also find yourself liable for the cost of other peoples goods on the same vessel under a ‘General Average’ clause, which requires surviving cargo owners to contribute towards the value of lost cargo that may have been abandoned to save the carrying vessel.

How Unicover can help.

For businesses, it’s important that your goods are delivered on time and undamaged to maintain your reputation. So when things go wrong you need to be sure that you have insurance that won’t let you down. Unicover are able to provide you with cargo insurance for almost any type of goods by almost any means, to and from almost any country in the world. Because we’re able to source the cover from a variety of insurers we’ll find the right cover for you at a competitive price whether you have a "one off" shipment to insure or regular imports and exports Unicover will provide the right marine cargo insurance solution for you. By land, sea or air - Imports & exports - Bonded warehouses - Inland ports - Specific Voyage - Open cover - Contingency - vessel - Aircraft - Rail - Barge - Truck - UK transit.