Construction Insurance

Employers Liabilty, Public Liabilty and Contractors All Risk cover


Contractors Insurance

Construction Insurance - Construction sites can be dangerous place for your employees, the general public and the various tradesmen working on and around your site. Construction Insurance is designed to protect you, your company and your directors and officers against as many potential losses as may occur in this dangerous environment.

From a sole trader to a multinational, from small to large, building developments and conversions, the construction industry can be a complex business and so can construction insurance.
Whatever your needs, our expertise in construction insurance will ensure you are suitably covered against a full range of risks by tailoring your policy to meet your specific requirements, from a basic Liability policy to a fully encompassing policy including many of the covers and extensions listed below.

Construction Liability Insurance

Public & Products liability insurance - Public liability insurance covers liability arising from death or personal injury to third parties other than the insured's own employees and for damage to property belonging to third parties. Product liability insurance protects against liability for injury to people or damage to property, arising out of products supplied by a business.

Employers liability insurance - The Employers' Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969 ensures that you have at least a minimum level of insurance cover against any such claims. Employers' liability insurance will enable you to meet the cost of compensation for your employees' injuries or illness.

Contractors All Risk Insurance

All risks insurance - All risks insurance covers physical loss or damage to the works and site materials.
Plant and machinery – provides cover for your own and hired in plant along with ongoing hiring charges for ‘hired in’ plant
Business interruption – covers financial loss following and insured event
Contract works insurance - Offsite storage cover, Show homes and contents cover, stock and materials, JCT 21.2.1, 6.5 or similar

Additional Contactors Insurance Coverages

Professional indemnity insurance - Professional indemnity insurance insures against liability arising from professional negligence.
Latent defects insurance - Latent defects insurance protects the owner against the remedial cost of the structure due to a building defect.
Director and officers’ liability – covers Directors & Officers for any bad advice or wrong decisions