Private Medical Insurance for Businesses and Individuals

Avoid the NHS waiting list and get treatment when YOU need it.


The Benefits of private medical insurance

The main advantage of private medical insurance (also known as private health insurance) is that it guarantees that you will get medical attention privately, as and when you need it, without delay. When you have a private medical insurance policy, you will not be waiting on an NHS waiting list waiting for them to provide you with the treatment that you need, particularly if it’s urgently required.

Another advantage of private medical insurance is access to diagnostic tests. These allow health practitioners to carry out tests privately without delay, before the condition potentially becomes more complicated to handle, or in worst case scenario, life threatening or even fatal.

Private health care policyholders are allowed to have their own private en-suite rooms at hospitals. The room is comfortable and is furnished to make it resemble, as near as possible, a home. The rooms are normally furnished with a television, radio and other items to make them as relaxing as possible. Unlike NHS wards which are usually crowded.

Individuals with private health insurance can have access to quality health treatment even when they require it within a short time. They are able to access high quality medical facilities and hospitals.

Patients under private medical insurance have the freedom to choose the hospital where they would like to be treated. They also have a right to choose the consultants that they prefer to handle their treatment. This choice may prove most advantageous to your treatment plan.

Business Healthcare

Protect the future health of your business and enjoy the benefits of a happier, healthier, more loyal workforce with our range of corporate private medical insurance schemes. Insurers give larger discounts as more of your employees join the scheme.

The success of your business depends on you and your employees so it pays to look after your health and theirs. Company health insurance is highly valued by employees as one of the most important benefits an employer can provide to their staff and there are real business benefits that can easily outweigh the costs involved.

Employee turnover can be lowered significantly by offering private medical insurance, especially if the benefit is extended to their family members. It helps businesses to retain the best staff and so lowers recruitment and re-training costs. Health Insurance, attracts the best people - By providing employees with private healthcare benefits, businesses can attract and retain quality staff. Often, prospective employees will place a value on it above the equivalent monetary amount in salary.

Business Healthcare Insurance, for improved absenteeism - Business healthcare insurance means that employees benefit from fast diagnosis, immediate access to consultants and the highest quality treatment, should they need it. Employees are seen and treated promptly so they return to work sooner, minimising any adverse effect on their productivity.

Business Healthcare, Overseas - International Health Insurance is designed to meet the needs of everyone living and working outside the UK. We have a range of health insurance schemes and each one is designed to give access to the highest quality medical treatment as soon as it's needed, for a UK based company with all or some of your employees working outside the UK.

Healthcare for Small Businesses can be arranged for as few as only 2 members of your business. Whatever the size of your business, please feel free to call us for a quote or to ask any questions.

Individual / Family Cover

A full range of schemes to cover the health insurance needs of you as an individual, or to include members of your family.

Nothing is more important to you than your health and the health of your family. If you or your loved ones were to experience worrying symptoms, private health insurance can give you some control over the situation. With private medical insurance diagnosis and treatment can be dealt with almost immediately so you can concentrate on getting well sooner.

Private hospitals throughout the UK typically provide you with your own private room with en-suite facilities, excellent food and unrestricted visiting hours. You are also likely to have the same consultant dealing with you throughout your treatment and nursing staff with more time to dedicate to your personal care.